Historic Huntington

After talking with a family, that is considering listing their historic house for sale here in Huntington Bay, I got into searching the significant buildings and structures that are part of the heritage of Huntington Township.  I’m not sure, I should count them, but it seems that Huntington has far more historical properties than any other township in Suffolk County, Long Island!

I’m a bit of a historic architecture affectionate. It’s no wonder I set down my roots to live and work here. My goal is to photograph as many of these magnificent gems as possible. So here’s the list. I guess I’ll just start at “A” Asharoken, and work my way to “W” West Hills.

Here are the Town of Huntington sites and structures – some included in districts and some listed individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Those with asterisks are museums. Also consult “The National Register of Historic Places in New York State,” compiled by Peter D. Shaver for the Preservation League of New York State and published by Rizzoli International Publications.


I searched, but alas, it seems to be gone.

I searched, but alas, it seems to be gone.

Delarnater-Bevin Mansion, Bevin Lane. Second Empire, built 1867.

Disapointing to find this one gone.

Disappointing to find this one gone.

N.J. Felix House, 235 Asharoken Ave. Queen Anne-Colonial Revival, built 1900.


Looks well loved and lived in.

Looks well loved and lived in.

John Harned House, 26 Little Neck Rd. Residence about 1850 and late 19th-Century barn.

Busy intersection but we are reminded of our history every time we pass.

Busy intersection but we are reminded of our history every time we pass.

Suydam House, 1 Fort Salonga Rd.; Colonial, built about 1730.

Charles Van Iderstine Mansion, Idle Day Drive; Queen Anne, built 1897.

Check out the article on my HOME page (March 5th 2009)

Check out the article on my HOME page (March 5th 2009)

* William K. Vanderbilt Estate II (Eagle’s Nest); Little Neck Road. Begun 1907, enlarged and remodeled in Spanish Baroque style by 1928. Includes residence with gardens, marine museum, garage-servants’ quarters, boathouse, seaplane hangar, garage complex and caretaker’s cottage. Now a Museum.

N. Velzer Houe and Caretaker’s Cottage, 22 Fort Salonga Rd. Greek Revival, built about 1830 with caretaker’s cottage built about 1858.


Eliphas Buffett House, 159 West Rogues Path. Residence built about 1800 with addition about 1835. Includes late 19th-Century outbuildings, cemetery.

Joseph Buffett House, 169 West Rogues Path; Colonial, built about 1750 with main section added about 1830.

John Bumpstead House, 473 Woodbury Rd. Farmhouse built about 1835 and late 19th Century outbuildings.

Carll House, 79 Wall St. Residence built about 1820; 1840s wing was moved to new site in the mid-19th Century.

Cold Spring Harbor Library, built 1913; now gallery of Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities.

Dowden Tannery, 210 West Rogues Path; built about 1840 with 20th Century additions.

Goose Hill Road Historic District, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian farmhouses.

Harbor Road Historic District, site of mill (1791) and Federal, Greek Revival and Italianate residences built 1791-1869 and later development as resort.

Hewlett House, 559 Woodbury Rd. Built about 1815, enlarged 1870s.

Main Street Historic District, residential and commercial buildings from early 19th Century and 20th Century.

Shore Road Historic District, early to mid-19th-Century Federal and Greek Revival farmhouses and residences, Victorian residence, and Wawapek Estate.

Titus-Bunce House, 7 Goose Hill Rd. Greek Revival, built about 1820 with mid-19th Century Italianate details.

COMMACK Carll Burr Jr. House, 293 Burr Rd.; Victorian, built about 1895.

Carll S. Burr Mansion, 304 Burr Rd. Second Empire, built about 1830, enlarged and remodeled about 1885. Includes late 19th-Century barn and early 20th-Century cottage.

Marion Carll Farm, 475 Commack Rd. Italianate farmhouse built about 1860 and 18th to 20th Century outbuildings.

Commack Methodist Church and Cemetery, 486 Townline Rd. Built 1789 with adjacent cemetery.


Carll House, 380 Deer Park Rd.; farmhouse built about 1750, remodeled early 19th Century. Includes mid-19th Century cottage and early 19th Century barns.

Seaman Farm, 1378 Carlls Straight Path; farmhouse built about 1805 with early 19th Century barn and early 20th Century outbuildings.


B. Ketchum House, 237 Middleville Rd.; built about 1765.


100px-harry_e_donnell_houseHarry E. Donnell House, 71 Locust Lane. Tudor Revival.

Eatons Neck Lighthouse, built 1798.


John Rogers House, 627 Half Hollow Rd. Built 1732 with alterations in Federal style.


Bethel A.M.E. Church and Manse, 291 Park Ave.; church built 1840s with adjacent manse built 1915.

* David Conklin House, 2 High St.; colonial farmhouse built about 1750 with additions about 1810 and 1920s. Now a museum.

George McKesson Brown Estate (Coindre Hall), Brown’s Road; chateauesque residence built 1910. Includes boathouse and garage.

Fort Golgotha and the Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Main Street and Nassau Road; cemetery begun mid-17th Century. Includes archaeological site of British fort built 1782.

Gilsey Mansion, 36 Browns Rd.; Colonial Revival, built 1900.

* Heckscher Park, established 1920 and includes Renaissance Revival Heckscher Museum of Art, cottage and gazebo, all built in 1920s.

Isaac Losee House, 269 Park Ave.; built about 1750, remodeled mid-19th Century.

Old Town Green Historic District, Park Avenue; 17th to 19th Century buildings and village green.

Old Town Hall Historic District, Main Street and Nassau Road; late 19th- and early 20th-Century civic and residential buildings.

House at 244 Park Ave., saltbox residence built about 1830.

Potter-Williams House, 165 Wall St.; built 1827, Victorian porch added about 1870. Includes mid-19th-Century springhouse.

Prime House, 35 Prime Ave.; built about 1855.

Prime-Octagon House, 41 Prime Ave.; Victorian, built about 1859.

Rogers House, 136 Spring Rd.; built about 1820.

Silas Sammis House, 302 West Neck Rd.; built about 1730, with main section added around 1800.

Suydam House, 1 Fort Salonga Rd. Colonial saltbox built about 1730.

Henry Townsend House, 231 West Neck Rd.; built about 1830, remodeled about 1850 in Picturesque style with 19th Century outbuildings.

Wiggins-Rolph House, 518 Park Ave. Greek Revival, built 1848 incorporating mid-18th-Century residence as rear wing.

Henry Williams House, 43 Mill Lane; built about 1850.

Harry Wood House, 481 W. Main St.; built about 1853.

Charles Woodhull House, 70 Main St. Italianate, built about 1870.


House at 200 Bay Ave., Tudor Revival, built about 1890.

Bay Crest Historic District, Beech Avenue, Valley Road and Woodside and Valley Drives; stick style, Queen Anne, shingle style and Colonial Revival residences built about 1890-1905.

Beaux Arts Park Historic District, Locust Lane and Upper and Lower Drives; Tudor Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival residences built about 1905-15.

Bowes House, 15 Harbor Hill Dr.; shingle style, built 1899.

Charles Geoghegan House, 9 Harbor Hill Dr.; Queen Anne-shingle style, built about 1915.

John Green House, 167 E. Shore Rd.; Colonial Revival, built 1900.

John P. Kane Mansion, 37 Kanes Lane; Italianate, built about 1850 with early 20th-Century additions.

A.P.W. Kennan House, Sydney Road; Colonial Revival, built about 1900.

C.A. O’Donohue House, 158 Shore Rd.; Colonial Revival, built 1917.


Jarvis-Fleet House, 138 Cove Rd.; Colonial, built about 1700, enlarged about 1750 and later Victorian alterations.

Daniel Smith House, 117 W. Shore Rd.; Greek Revival, built about 1855 incorporating about 1830 frame residence.

William Wooden Wood House, 90 Preston St.; built 1868-69.


Henry Smith Farmstead, 900 Park Ave.; Colonial residence built about 1750, remodeled about 1860, with mid-19th-Century outbuildings.

Prime-Octagon House, 41 Prime Ave.; Victorian, built about 1859.


* Marshall Field III Estate (Caumsett State Park), Lloyd Harbor Road; completed 1925 with Georgian Revival residence, cottages, stables, greenhouses and farm complex. Includes Colonial Henry Lloyd House (1711). Now a museum.

Fort Hill Estate, Fort Hill Drive; Tudor Revival house designed 1900 with water tower, outbuildings and garden.

Huntington Lighthouse, built 1912.

* Joseph Lloyd Manor House; Lloyd Harbor Road; Colonial, built about 1766-67 with 19th- and 20th-Century alterations. Now a museum.

Van Wyck-Lefferts Tide Mill, visible from Huntington Harbor. Tide mill with original machinery built 1793-97.


M. Baylis House, 530 Sweet Hollow Rd.; built about 1820. Sweet Hollow Presbyterian Church Parsonage, 152 Old Country Rd.; Greek Revival, built about 1830.


* Northport Public Library, 215 Main St. Jacobethan, built in 1914. One of two Carnegie libraries in Suffolk County. Now Northport Historical Society Museum.


Wallace K. Harrison Estate, 140 Round Swamp Rd.; International style, built 1929-31.

John Oakley House, Sweet Hollow Road; colonial, built about 1720 with addition built 1794.

Jacob Smith House, High Hold Drive; Colonial farmhouse built about 1740 with Greek Revival main section built about 1830.

Joseph Whitman House, 365 West Hills Rd. Colonial, built about 1692 with later additions, relocated 1913. Includes early 19th-Century barn and site of 17th-Century fort.

Walt Whitman House State Historic Site, 246 Walt Whitman Rd.; built about 1815 by Walter Whitman and birthplace of poet Walt Whitman. Includes early 19th-Century barn.

Whitman-Place House, 69 Chichester Rd.; farmhouse built about 1810, barn and early 20th Century springhouse.

100px-chichesters_innChichester’s Inn, 97 Chichester Rd.; Colonial, built about 1680 as inn with later additions.

John Everit House, 130 Old Country Rd.; farmhouse built about 1830 with late 19th Century outbuildings.

Halsey Estate (Tallwood), Sweet Hollow Road; Colonial Revival, built about 1925 and later converted to day camp.